S. Kumar’s Agri Business Corporation  

S. Kumar's Agri Business Corporation was established in the year 2000 as proprietorship firm having its registered office at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. This has been established with the Universal Green Belt approach to serve the progressive and enterprising communities of the World. It is well recognized and familiar for offering a wide spectrum of business services in the fields of agriculture and allied sectors. Today S. Kumar's ABC has emerged as a renowned consultancy cum business house in agro sector in Andhra Pradesh, India.

The proprietor Mr. O.S.K. Reddy is well experienced & hails from a traditional agricultural family who has wide network & strong knowledge base in Agro sector. The firm strictly follows eco friendly sustainable measures while providing consultancy services and sourcing the agro commodities with its extensive process experience of effectively utilizing available resources in order to meet the emerging demands of the domestic & global markets.

The S. Kumar's ABC will provide consultancy services in the areas of agriculture, horticulture, medicinal, aromatic & natural dyes & gum yield plantations, processing & value addition, commercial agro forestry, raw herbs collection, organic farming, natural resources management, ecological restoration, rain shadow area development, bio diversity & water conservation measures, watershed development, vermi compost, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, hi-tech nursery management, multiplication of endangered species, soil & moisture conservation, innovative sustainable green concepts, environment & vegetative measures, rain water harvesting, wealth out of waste concepts, waste lands development, seed production, contract farming, post harvest measures, value addition, marketing etc.


Mr. O. Santha Kumar Reddy, a graduate from Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh, India Driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and passion for agriculture and eco friendly sustainable innovative green business concepts has started M/s. S. Kumar's Agri Business Corporation as proprietorship firm in the year 2000. Today S. Kumar's ABC is one of the pioneers in undertaking various innovative sustainable eco friendly green business projects to economically support the farming communities of Andhra Pradesh.

Mr. Reddy has rich hands-on experience in promoting and developing various green business concepts to generate sustainable income and employment opportunities to the communities both in farm & nonfarm sectors. He has worked with various Agro related organizations and gained vast experience & knowledge in Agriculture and allied Sectors. He has brought out different articles relating to eco friendly business concepts, dry land agriculture, SMC, NRM, NPM, NTFP, vermi compost, organic farming, Bio Fuels, Bio Fertilizers & Pesticides, Medicinal, Aromatics & Natural Dye Yield Plantations, environmental issues and Waste to Wealth Management concepts.

He has also participated and took active part in various important National and International events relevant to areas of interest to S.Kumar's ABC. He has organized several educational field visits for many Organizations, Institutions, Farmers, Farmer Clubs, Self Help Groups, VSS Members, Water Shed Committees, Students etc. One of his notable and successful achievements is the active participation in "Mediplorama 2000" at Hyderabad from 18th to 21st May,2000 which was organized in the interest of the farmers to educate them in the field of medicinal, aromatic & natural dye yield plants cultivation.

Mr. Reddy has developed a model Medicinal, Aromatic & Natural Dye Yield Plants Nursery cum Demo Project in the interest of the communities at "Rural Technology Park" in collaboration with National Institute of Rural Development {NIRD}. He has developed and maintaining a Commercial Nursery cum Mixed Fruit Orchard with few varieties of Medicinal Plants in an extent of 100 Acres in Raghava Reddy Palem Village, Ozili Mandal, Nellore Dist., Andhra Pradesh, India.

Worked as Territorial Manger for South India with Media Today Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi since 1996-1998 which is a popular print Media house publishing various agriculture related trade journals such as Floriculture Today, Processed Food Industry, SAARC Oils & Fats Today. He also worked for Agro India and Agriculture Industry & Survey during the same period. He took active participation in organizing an exclusive pavilion for Medicinal Herbs, Aromatics & Natural Dyes with more than 50 stalls which attracted maximum crowd during the 12th Horticulture Show which was held in the year 2002 in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.

The Founder of S. Kumar's ABC is an active social worker with lot of commitment towards sustainable eco friendly green concepts and participates in various Social Service Activities. He is at present Member of Lions Club, Abhaya Banjara, Hyderabad - Executive Committee Member of H. M. A, Hyderabad, AP {Hyderabad Management Association} - Governing Body Member of SURE, Hyderabad {Society for Urban & Rural Entrepreneurship} and Founder President cum Managing Director of GREEN UNIVERSE ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES SOCIETY - GUESS {NGO}.

Email : oskreddy@gmail.com

  • To move human society to live in ways that protect Earth's environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations.
  • To discover, develop and provide an organic ways & means for a sustainable development.
  • To accelerate scientific discovery for the revival of age old traditional herbal healthcare concepts.
  • To be a trust worthy and renowned global green business house.
  • To be a pioneer in providing genuine organic products.
  • To adopt best of the best eco friendly business practices.
  • Strong desire to develop wide market net work both in India & Overseas.
  • To conserve bio - diversity and to protect endangered species.

S. KUMAR'S ABC deals in Various organically grown agro products, Indian herbs & honey, henna, neem, medicinal plants, Aromatics, herbal powders & extracts, processed herbal products, natural dyes, Natural gums & resins, essential oils, rice, spices, dry fruits, dry flowers, pulses, vegetables, fresh fruits, fresh flowers, bio fertilizers, bio pesticides, organic products etc.

We cultivate, process, trade, export, import and supply vide range of agro commodities including raw botanical herbs, essential oils, natural dyes & gums, herbal extracts etc. We supply rare & best quality herbs, leaves, roots & barks to the leading exporters, whole sellers, pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, food, beauty care, hair care, health care, perfumery, cosmetics & natural dyes manufacturing industries.

Our endeavors are always directed to meet the expectations of our valued clients and provide them with the desired range of products. We assure that the raw & processed herbal products, natural dyes, spices, essential oils and other agricultural commodities that we supply are organically grown, pure, natural and free from toxics.

S. Kumar's ABC is also engaged in exporting standardized herbal extracts & powders, natural dyes, natural gums & resins, essential oils and organic herbs. It is backed by highly qualified and experienced personnel specialized in Ethno Medicine, Pharmacology, Chemistry & Agronomy.

We actively engaged in identifying latest needs to develop new ingredients, blending traditional wisdom of using herbs with modern scientific knowledge. With over a decade experience in agriculture & allied sectors - herbal research & business, Mr. Reddy has pioneered the development of herbal ingredients for different applications in international markets. S. Kumar's ABC, today, is one of the fastest growing companies with a wide customer network spread across the globe.

It is our belief that good growth can be achieved only through transparent business dealings and proven quality systems. We operate our business with the highest ethical standards and core values. We have built a cordial relationship with our valued clients and we will be honest & truthful in all our dealings. With your help and support, we are confident that S. Kumar's ABC will continue to make history in the future. Thank you for being part of this incredible journey.

The most important factor of our successful business operation is our growing partners worldwide. Over the years we have developed very fruitful relationships allowing us to guarantee fresh supply all year round. In addition, our partners understand our customers' needs and they are keen to respond to new trends and ideas.

We undertake contract farming basing on client's requirements for producing various agro commodities, pulses, organic vegetables, lemons, organic rice, maize, sweet corn, baby corn, fruits, flowers, herbs, henna, natural gums & dyes yield plantations, accelerated fodder development, aromatics, medicinal plants, seasonal honey collection, toddy palm etc.

S.Kumar's ABC has 100 acres of its own farm project in Andhra Pradesh and also having wide network of farmers and farmer clubs to undertake contract farming both the organic & inorganic methodology for super market chains, manufacturing industries, whole sellers, importers & exporters etc. We assure high quality produce and continuous supply based on the needs of our permanent customers.

S.Kumar's ABC encourages organic farming on a massive scale to cater the needs of the market demand. It is a form of farming uses substantial diversity in pest control to reduce the use of pesticides and tries to provide as much fertility with local sources of nutrients rather than chemical fertilizers. It is said by some of its supporters to be more in harmony with nature. Organic gardeners emphasize the concept that "the soil feeds the plant".

S. Kumar's ABC aims to produce organically grown foods and other crops to minimize the use of chemical fertilizers and to maintain a healthy soil environment, and prefer to rely on compost, green manures and cover crops, as much as possible to maintain soil ecology and good levels of plant nutrients. Soil fertility comes from plants at the bottom of the food chain. Using the grass and other plant-based material yields more organic matter than manure. Soil fertility is maintained by the use of green manures, composted vegetable matter and minerals.

Vermicompost is an organic manure (bio-fertilizer) produced as the vermicast by earth worm feeding on biological waste material; plant residues. This compost is an odorless, clean, organic material containing adequate quantities of N:P:K and several micronutrients essential for plant growth. Vermicompost is a preferred nutrient source for organic farming. It is eco-friendly, non-toxic, consumes low energy input for composting and is a recycled biological product.

The agro waste generated from various crops S.Kumar's ABC is converting in to vermi compost. The Company has developed an efficient waste disposal system by culturing the lowly earthworm in an appropriate environment. The process allows for the safe conversion of waste into a valuable nutrient rich humus fertilizer- Vermicompost.

S. Kumar's ABC encourages the farmers to use Bio Fertilizer which is 100% Natural. The best quality organic fertilizer known that helps to provide all the nutrients required by the plants and helps to increase the quality of the soil with a natural micro organism environment.

The natural organic material from the nutrient-rich lands, that could be easily applied with water over plantations on any stage, or use it as a base for creating a potent and concentrated natural organic liquid fertilizers that could be used in many different growing mediums with excellent production results for organic farming, industrial and home applications such as gardening.

Bio Fertilizers application is to be encouraged on war footing basis to promote organic agriculture, sustainable agriculture, green agriculture and non-pollution agriculture. This Bio-organic Fertilizer can increase the output, improve the quality and it is responsible for agriculture environment. Today, it has been widely used with excellent results in all kinds of plants in several countries.

S.Kumar's ABC encouraging the farmers to use bio pesticides for microbial biological pest control agents that are applied in a similar manner to chemical pesticides. Commonly these are bacterial, but there are also examples of fungal control agents are used to control plant pathogens. Weeds and rodents have also been controlled with microbial agents. Advantages of applying bio pesticides - do not leave harmful residues, substantially reduces impact on non - target species, cheaper than chemical pesticides and in the long - term may be more effective than chemical pesticides.

We encourage toddy palm/ sugar palm plantations which are perennial, drought tolerant, native and popular summer fruit of Andhra Pradesh, India. In near future it is going to be an alternate nutritional food for the people on this earth because of depleting natural resources, series of natural disasters like cyclones & drought which causes severe food shortage. Few of the countries are ahead in this area, producing & marketing jelly like canned toddy palm seed worldwide.

The toddy palm seeds can be an excellent organic cooling food supplement mainly during summer and if proper packaging & storage process is done it can be used all through the seasons. The toddy seeds are a delicate jelly like fresh fruits prized for their sweet, tender flesh and refreshing sugary water inside. They appear in the market in early summer and the season is usually short. Toddy Palm Seeds are divine product of toddy palm trees are one of the summer's bounties and every one of this region looks forward for it to appear in markets very eagerly.

S. Kumar's ABC is seriously thinking of setting up of toddy palm based processing & value addition industry and looking for technology transfer for various value added products of toddy palm on turn-key basis to set up a huge manufacturing complex in Andhra Pradesh, India wherein the toddy palm plantations are abundantly available which is the main source of raw material. Please respond the relevant people or technology providers on mobile Ph: +91-949 494 7894 or E.Mail : oskredddy@gmail.com

Equipped with the state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and backed by dedicated and experienced professionals. We strive to deliver products in conformation with the international standards. Since we offer a wide spectrum of products to our clients, the need of a spacious warehouse is highly important. Thus we have a large storehouse spread over large area which enables us to voluminous amounts of our products.

The organization is backed by a competent team of personnel, technically qualified and experienced in all related fields. The manpower of our company comprises of farmers who have enrich experience of organic cultivation. The products are stored effectively under controlled temperatures in cold storage rooms. We are strategically located and are well connected by roads, sea and aviation to different parts of the world.

We have taken all precautions & necessary steps to procure & supply high quality of products to our esteemed clients. Over a period of time we have been able to very well adjust ourselves with the changing demand and we well formulated the perfect equation of quality and quantity. We emphasize on stringent quality control right from the procurement of raw material to finished product stage. This has enabled us to deliver consistent quality products. It is our Endeavor to meet our motto of "Service for satisfaction to our customers."

We have a network of clients spread all over the globe having long term business relations. Receiving the clients recurring orders is a clear indicator of our good performance. We have also been referred to many potential clients which have always been a source of tremendous pride not only for us but also for the people working with us. The overwhelming response of our clients has encouraged us to elevate our standard of excellence. We are constantly updating ourselves with the changing technological trends to face the global challenges.

We share an amiable relationship with our esteemed clients and make untiring efforts to provide quality range of products. With our enormous experience and stringent quality norms, we have achieved the trust and faith of our esteemed clients. Our success depends entirely on the creativity, performance and achievements of our associates at all levels. We value challenge, innovation, collaboration and learning.

The Management team has a vision of getting international acclaim and is to be recognized as a name in the business of Natural Products in the world. Our executives working on Technical aspects are hired from various Agricultural Universities. We have access to huge talent pool as we are based in a strategic location.

We have a team of quality control experts, who ensures that only pure and un adulterated products leaves the factory premises. Our sales team utilizes their extensive knowledge to ensure that our customers receive value for their money with composition as per their requirements. We have a team of procuring agents, ware house experts, packaging staff, quality control personnel, sales & marketing to execute the projects in desired manner.

Having a commanding position on agro commodities, herbs, aromatics, spices, herbal extracts, natural dyes, essential oils, alkaloids, drug intermediates etc. We continuously strive to locate new sources of supply of different products. Our strength is exclusive access to first point original sources of supply including cultivators and contract manufacturers. We have skilled & motivated work force, expert management team, well defined net work for efficient collection & delivery of products, ongoing research & development. We are registered with APEDA and Ministry of commerce, Govt. of India.

Technology used by S. Kuamr's ABC has always been on the forefront of integrating latest technological innovations in its entire operation - right from the farming to the final packaging of entire range of products. Keeping this tradition alive, the founder always trying to explore latest process technologies of agro commodities & herbs to improvise quality of the value added products in interest of our esteemed clients.

At our R&D facility basic research, product development and tests are conducted, apart from the standardized procedures. Leading research institutes and experts in various fields join hands in perfecting systems. We develop several new formulations for meeting market and consumer's personal requirements. Innovation is necessary to satisfy customer needs and to create new streams of products.

S. Kumar's ABC maintains an "open line" with academy and research institutes in India, on the selection of proper genetic material, agro-technology etc. Small-scale experiments are carried out frequently. Their results are implemented on the farm. There is an ever increasing demand for organic products and we are working with our international growing partners to develop an organic product line that can be supplied all year round. We have a team of field level research & development personnel who remain involve in genuine research activities to identify the effective solution of variety of our entire product range.

The packaging and other allied parameters of our products are thoroughly checked. Moreover, it is ensured that the final consignment is duly checked and reaches the client's destination on time. Our complete range is stored in moisture free environment to ensure its longevity. The entire range of products are kept in air tight containers to retain its aroma. In addition to our wide packaging options, we also do custom packaging as per the client's specifications.

We take special care while packaging our range of herbal products. We make use of environmental friendly packaging material to establish an enviable position in the national and international market. We have tie-ups with C&F agents that help us in transporting our range to our valued clients.

We also offer our customers the facility of "Private Labeling"; wherein they can market our thoroughly tested and superior quality products, under the desired brand name. This labeling can be done as per buyer specification, budget, including changes in material composition, choice of container & packaging sizes etc.

Fresh produce products require efficient and reliable means of transportation. Over the years, we have gained invaluable experience to ensure reliable deliveries. Depending on requirements, our airline and trucking partners will provide the most economic solution to deliver you fresh products on time, every time.

We are committed to total customer satisfaction through quality & timely delivery of all our products by focusing on team work, cost effective technology & process. We shall continually improve upon it by upgrading the same.

   At S. Kumar's ABC we believe our potential stake holders and partners include:
  • Organic Fertilizers, Green Manure & Vermi Compost Manufacturers.
  • Bio Fertilizers, Bio Pesticides & Neem based Product Manufacturers.
  • Organic Farming Groups & Individuals, Marketing & Certification Agencies.
  • F1- Hybrids, Foundation & all other Seed Producing Companies.
  • Horticulture, Agriculture, Floriculture & Agro Forestry Consultants.
  • Tractors, Farm Equipment & Implements Manufacturing Companies.
  • Pump Sets, Micro & Macro Sprinklers, Drip System Manufacturers.
  • Bulk Suppliers & Manufacturers of Zinc Sulphate & Gypsum.
  • Whole Sellers, C&F Agencies, Import & Export Trade Houses.
  • Agricultural Scientists and Food Processing Technology Providers.
  • Dairy, Goat, Sheep, Poultry, Piggery & Emu Birds Farming Advisors.
  • Medicinal, Aromatics, Herbal & Natural Dyes Technical Experts.
  • Farmer Clubs, Co-Operative Farmer's Societies & Progressive Farmers.
  • Water Users Associations & Rain Shadow Area Development Experts.
  • Agriculture Universities, Colleges & other Research Institutes.
  • State, Central & International Government Organizations.
  • Advertising Agencies, Print, Electronic & Web based Media Houses.
  • Affiliate NGOs, Motivated Civil Societies, Volunteers & Foundations.
  • International Environmental Agencies & Agricultural Groups.
  • Rural Bodies, Farming Societies, Panchayaths & Self-Help-Groups.
  • Multi Nationals, Corporates, Social Entrepreneurs & Business Groups.
  • Multi National Financial Institutions like ADB, World Bank etc.
  • All Nationalized, Multi National & Local Private Banks Including NABARD.
  • UNDP, USAID, IFAD, DFID and other International Developmental Agencies.
  • Local, National & International Stake Holders & Consultants in Agro Sector.
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